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Quality Details

  • Solid 16mm Backing

    All units are made with 16mm backing board.

  • Panels Edged All Around

    All panels are edged with PVC chip resistant edge all around.

  • Doors with 2mm PVC Edge

    All doors are edged with PVC chip and scratch resistant edge.

  • Soft Closing Hinges

    Doors are fitted with soft closing hinges for smooth operation.

  • Assembly with Dowels & Cam Locks

    Units are predrilled for assembly with dowels and cams to provide solid construction.

  • Adjustable Shelves with Plugs

    All shelves are removable & adjustable. Plugs are included, to cover unused shelf holes.

  • Cam - Lock Covers Included

    All cam lock positions can be covered with caps included.

  • Steel Drawer Sides

    Drawers include steel adjustable runners with 16mm base.